I will allow for 2 class absences (or non-preparations) over the quarter (e.g., for sickness, job interviews). In other words, I will drop the two lowest participation grades. Showing up ready to participate counts for a lot, even if you don't say much.



You are to do your own work in this course. Each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by UCSD's policies on Academic Dishonesty and on Student Conduct. Any student violating UCSD's Academic Integrity Policy will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office for administrative processing, and may result in suspension or dismissal from UCSD, as well an an academic sanction that could result in failing the course (e.g., a grade of zero (0) on a compromised assignment). Committing acts that violate the UCSD Student Conduct Code that result in course disruption will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, and could result in suspension or dismissal.